Find the Perfect Gift

Oystri matches you to the right gift to give to the special people in your life. Take the Taste Test to be matched to a personalized set of gifts.

1. Take the Taste Test - Answer Questions About Your Friend
2. Flavor Page -View Their Profile and Personalized Gift Matches
3. Take It Again - Don't Leave Anyone Off Your List

Do you remember the last time you got a truly perfect gift? Not something you asked for, but something you started using all the time. You didn’t even know you wanted it until someone special shared it with you. Maybe it was a gift from someone who knows you better than anyone - even better than you know yourself.

When I took the Taste Test I was recommended something that my boyfriend already owned along with a lot of things I know he’ll love.   - Lucy

You will quickly find the right gift and be able to skip the holiday crowds at the store. You can browse for gifts by personality type or answer questions in the taste test about the person you want to gift to and we’ll recommend a list of personalized items that match their personality. Their personality profile helps you chose the right item. Take the taste test again, and don’t leave anyone off of your shopping list. It works because you know the people in your life better than anyone.